The fun went down all day at the beach in front of Law Street in PB.  Annually, set up is early, about dawn, the waves were tiny so the surf session was very limited, at noon once the beers were cracked, everyone was in good spirits all day long.  The generator on the beach gave the DJ plenty of power to rock everyone out.  By the afternoon it was just a classic PB beach scene with everyone having a great time, then I woke up face down at Joses?    

Fourth of July 2005 PB page 1
Fourth of July 2005 PB page 2
Point Break Re-enactment

4th with Infrastructure

Pacific Beach @ 2pm

Drunk fest.



Retro 4th pic



Our scene

Hey look

Lots of blue sky

Where's the US

To the beach


Cool shades.

Happy 4th!

California girls

Funnel time

The party

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