Manzanillo, Mexico (ZLO) is located 165 miles South of Puerto Vallarta.  Manzanillo is know as the "Sailfish Capital of the World", this port town is with out a doubt a great place to vacation.  The days can be spent surfing, golfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, or just kicking back in the sun sipping Modelo Especial.  The Santiago Peninsula is unreal with homes in the community of La Punta such as casa acantilada, these breath taking houses have every amenity you could possibly imagine.  For Surf, if you are staying in Manzanillo, you will need to rent a car.  The 35 minute commute south from the airport is currently under construction, but the toll road South of Manzanillo will put you on the fast track to Pascuales.  This wave seems to always be larger than any of the other breaks we came upon, its about 45 minutes South of Manzanillo and well worth the travel.  Pascuales breaks similar to Puerto Escondido (Mexican pipeline) - Have fun!

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Travel Gear
Tamarindo Golf Course
120x60 Faster Easier Car

Welcome to Pascuales

Wide open barrels

Breaking shallow

Real steep drops.

Over the falls.

Cuyutlan north

Cuyutlan beach walk

Cuyutlan AM glass

El Pariso

Playa Azul - Manzy

Hertz rentals!

Playa olas altas

Palms by Pascuales

Playa de Miramar

Playa Santiago

Santiago Peninsula

From the sky

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