Most of the shots below are from the Blue Point Bay Villas above Ulu Watu & Mick's place. The Outside Corner at Ulu Watu has a perfect set up, you can ride really fun, fast, well overhead sets for a few hundred yards down the point.  Temples and Racetracks are real fun too, but you'll want Outside Corner.  The Blue Point has a few villas that overlook the break or you can just chill in the infinity pool by the lobby and stare off into the line up.  Mick's Place is located in Bingin overlooking Bingin Beach, Impossibles & Dreamland, a surf haven about 10 minutes from Ulu Watu.

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Bali pics 1 Bali pics 2 Bali pics 3

Bali waves

Ulu Watu outside corner

Backside snap

Glassy Ulu Watu

Bingin from Mick's

Bingin left

sunny lines Ulu Watu

Matt at Temples

Cliff top sunset

Blue Point sunsets


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