People have said it for years, Bali is amazing, beautiful, and the surf is epic.  After heading there for two weeks from July 22 through August 4th I am in full agreement.  Bali is absolutely amazing, beautiful, and does have epic surf.  We stayed at the Blue Point Bay Villas on the cliff right above the break at Ulu Watu, it is unreal and a perfect place to stay with your lady or surf buds wanting first class accommodations. In the summer the prevailing off-shore winds & swell from the roaring forties makes the reef breaks along the Bukit Peninsula the place to be.

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Bali pics 1 Bali pics 2 Bali pics 3

Bali waves

Indian Ocean fires

Ulus outside corner

DOH at Uluwatu

Matt Murphy shacks


Surfing Uluwatu

Ulu wipe

Perfect Impossibles

Impossibles stacked

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