Last year we scored with warmer water, less wind, & a solid South swell, but Mainland Mex delivered again this year.  Boca de Pascuales doesn't need a whole lot of swell to produce perfect cylinders.   Pascuales is such a magnet for surf, if you are just looking to kick back with friends and get tubed, it's an ideal surf trip.  If the swell kicks up, you may find yourself fearing for your life with thundering death blow barrels.  If that is the case you can head down to the point breaks within hours.   Although we still made it down to La Ticla for some fun nights in the tree fort accommodations, with the swell mixed & smaller the points were not happening, but Pascuales was great!  Edgar set us up and we had clean tubes through noon. (May 26th, 2008) More pics from 2008 on page 2

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Pascuales tube rider

Bob Murphy bucket toss

Matt Murphy hack

Johnny Lane right


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