The Peru trip was SICK!  What a great time.  Planes, trains, and automobiles only scratches the surface on the traveling that it takes to get from place to place in the large Country of Peru.  Parts of the trip were a logistical nightmare, but it really paid off because we got to see quite a bit.  We flew out of LAX through Panama to arrive in the large dirty city of Lima, from there it was an overnight bus up to Trujillo, VIP service on the bus is better than you would think, it beats flying when the seats on the bus go back 180 degree's for a fraction of the cost, However, it may even it self out when trying to find a ride once arriving at the bus depot in a new & shady town.     (July 2nd, 2008) Con't

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Chicama "the point"

The backs

Chicama surf resort!

window 2!

Temple of the moon

Taquile on Titicaca

Wayna Picchu!

Andean Explorer

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