Then we arrived at the Oasis know as Chicama surf resort, unreal.  We  met Carlos & his friend from G-land who helped us get situated.  We lucked out b/c the sun was out and Chicama was about a foot overhead, offshores and long was the norm, but we scored with the sun and size.  Surfed my brains, legs, and arms out, everyone there was super cool, the guys on the boat Delmar and Carlos rock!  After Chicama we headed North to Mancora.  Mancora is a really fun beach town with lots of nice boutique and resort type places along the ocean, the waves were flat in Mancora, had to travel down to Organos for surf, but the beer, wine, & sunsets  made it fun!  (July 2nd, 2008) Con't

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Boardbags from $46 dollars

Sacred Valley

Casa de Playa

Charlie & Kate.

Chicama board room

Andes near Cuzco

Hotel Sunset



Peruvian riveria

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