We traveled out of Mancora in the natural gas powered surf mobile to Piura.  Hopped on the 1st of many Lan Peru legs, we hung out in Miraflores for a few days, went South to Punta Hermosa to find surf before we went inland to Cuzco.  Cuzco is amazing, really old buildings and packed with tourists, once you have a few drinks & realize you're sleeping at 11,000 feet, it's time for bed.  From Cuzco we hopped on several trains slept near some ruins and then made it Machu Picchu.  We had second thoughts of hiking up Wayna Picchu when we were half way up, but it was totally worth it, one of the best days of the trip.  Then we took the all day train ride down to Lake Titicaca.  (7/08) pg 1

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climbing Wayna Picchu

Lamas grazing

Andean Explorer ride

Cathedral, Puno

Machu Picchu

relaxing after climb

lake titicaca

Floating village

Uros villager

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