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February 2005 Surf Report Log for top spots in and around La Jolla California
DATE Surf Pics Surf Report Description  
02-28-05 pics CH+ We have clean conditions with both incoming tide & swell.
02-27-05 pics WH+ Looks pretty fun today with cleaner conditions.
02-26-05 pics CH Surf is mostly waist to chest high+ with somewhat mixed up conditions.
02-25-05 pics CH Similar, but slightly smaller surf for today.
02-24-05 pics SH Cleaner conditions this AM with a continuation of chocolate barrels.
02-23-05 pics HH The impressive storm cell that moved in last night has bumped things up a bit.
02-22-05 pics OH Bigger surf today with more Southeasterly winds this AM & showers.
02-21-05 pics WH+ We have heavy rain with Southerly winds and sets of chest high+ surf.
02-20-05 pics CH Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, We have fun surf right now.
02-19-05 pics CH Look for an increase later in the day, but winds could be a problem.
02-18-05 pics WH+ Showers and rain throughout the day with southerly winds.
02-17-05 pics CH Showers move in on Thursday but we have similar surf.
02-16-05 pics CH We've got fun surf this AM with mostly chest high sets and calm winds.
02-15-05 pics WH Hit the replay button, similar small but clean conditions this AM.
02-14-05 pics WH Slightly better conditions with similar size as yesterday.
02-13-05 pics WH Sunday turned out to be not very good as far as the surf goes.
02-12-05 pics WH Saturday the rain should be ending, hopefully we should still have some fun surf.
02-11-05 pics WH+ We have rain with smaller real clean surf.
02-10-05 pics CH+ We have fun clean surf with chest to head high+ sets.
02-09-05 pics CH we have some better surf today as a Northwest fills in.
02-08-05 pics WH Clearer skies, but the surf is meager right now.
02-07-05 pics WH+ We have some fun surf this AM with overcast skies and drizzle.
02-06-05 pics WH+ For this Super Bowl Sunday we have junked up wind swell.
02-05-05 pics KH The surf is really small, hit a beach break if you need to get wet.
02-04-05 pics WH+ AM session looks fun, mostly just leftovers.
02-03-05 pics CH Santa Anna's are kicking again today, the swell has dropped a bit though.
02-02-05 pics CH Surf has declined but there are still some fun head high sets coming through.
02-01-05 pics HH+ We have fun clean head high surf this AM.
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