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March 2005 Surf Report Log for top spots in and around La Jolla California
DATE Surf Pics Surf Report Description  
03-31-05 pics WH Out like a lamb- Clean playful mostly waist high surf.

03-30-05 pics CH Mostly chest high surf today with slightly mixed swell in the water.
03-29-05 pics WH Mostly waist high+ with some what mixed conditions.
03-28-05 pics AH Tiny, mixed up, ankle high surf.
03-27-05 pics KH Sunny, clean knee high waves.
03-26-05 pics KH+ Cleaner knee to waist high waves.
03-25-05 pics KH+ Knee to waist high waves with mushy conditions.
03-24-05 pics WH+ Waist to chest high waves with mixed up conditions.
03-23-05 pics SH The ocean is a complete mess
03-22-05 pics SH Surf looks fun today with clean conditions and lots of waves.
03-21-05 pics HH+ Still have plenty of surf, but the wind is still all over it.
03/20/05 pics HH+ We have junked up head high+ surf at most spots.
03/19/05 pics KH+ Swell is running late, currently only about knee high with increasing winds & swell.
03/18/05 pics WH Smaller surf today, mostly waist high and clean this morning.
03/17/05 pics CH We have smaller surf today with mostly waist to chest high waves.
03-16-05 pics CH We have fun AM surf with chest to head high+ waves and clean conditions.
03-15-05 pics HH Fun combo swell Tuesday with light off-shores and lots of sun.
03-14-05 pics SH Some drizzle this AM with a mixed swell.
03-13-05 pics CH Similar conditions with smaller inconsistent waves today.
03-12-05 pics SH Today we have smaller surf with more marine layer.
03-11-05 pics HH Back to reality, still fun, but smaller, mostly head high+ surf today.
03-10-05 pics DOH We have "MACKING" surf this AM with light winds & cloudy skies.
03-09-05 pics HH+ Here they come, currently we have head high+ waves with some overhead sets!
03-08-05 pics SH+ Clean AM surf with mostly shoulder high+ waves, increasing swell!
03-07-05 pics SH Similar conditions on Monday with slightly smaller surf.
03-06-05 pics HH Similar conditions as Saturday, just a bit smaller with mostly shoulder high+ waves.
03-05-05 pics HH+ The sun is peaking through right now and the waves are sick!
03-04-05 pics CH+ Currently we have semi-clean conditions with drizzle.
03-03-05 pics HH+ Fun clean surf today with a new Northwest reinforcing our swell.
03-02-05 pics CH Mostly chest high surf for Wednesday with similar mixed conditions
03-01-05 pics HH Hooray for March!  Fun AM surf with lots of waves and clean.
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