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Surf Report Log for top spots in and around La Jolla
01-31-03 Waist++ should get better later in the day  surf pictures  
01-30-03 Waist++  surf pics
01-29-03 Head high -fun- surfing pictures
01-28-03 Chest high - fun - foggy  surf Pics
01-27-03 Head high and perfect
01-26-03 Overhead and fun Super Bowls-
01-25-03 Head+++ fun waves today - pics
01-24-03 Head+ Real Foggy - Cams? foggy Pics
01-23-03 Waist++ surf pics
01-22-03 Waist to chest should increase towards evening -  surf pics Scripps
01-21-03 chest to head -fun -sun-light winds earlier
01-20-03 chest to head fun -little sloppy - surf pics
01-19-03 Knew to waist - some fun one's at the beaches - pic
01-18-02 Knee to waist - smallest day in a while pics
01-17-03 extreme high tide again this AM - conditions improving late morning - waist+
01-16-03 Waist to chest not much breaking this morning w/ tide -  pics
01-15-03 fun chest high+ little bit mixed up surf pics
01-14-03 Chest High+ with fog - surf pic
01-13-03 Shoulder High+ glass with fog - surf
01-10-03 Chest High+ some bigger sets - clean & glassy - Pics
01-09-03 Chest High+ real clean - surfing pictures
01-08-03 Over Head and close to perfect - surf pics
01-07-03 Over Head and real real Hollow  Pics
01-06-03 Chest High- kind of inconsistent - stiff off-shores Reefs & PB pic's
01-05-03 Head High ++ Clean and offshore Surf Pic's
01-04-03 Clean Fun Head High Pic's
01-03-03 Fun Chest high+ la Jolla reefs & Scripps
01-02-03 Fun Head high+ should get better as tide drops Reef Pics
01-01-03 Happy New years at Big Rock
2002 Refer back 2002 pics
12-31-02 To much tide this AM - waist high mush - look for an increase tonight - fun surf new years day
12-28-02 waist high clean - increase tomorrow
12-20-02 Surf's cleaned up, BUT the current heavy rain & wind are destroying the death barrels
12-17-02 100% Blown out
12-16-02 AM Session---Double Overhead+++++ still hasn't peaked.
12-15-02 Double Overhead and firing most breaks---Cove showing Signs of going!!!!
12-14-02 Time to hit the cove----Surf's been pumping for the last month  Biggest swell of the season eminent
11-20-02 Off-shore conditions con't --Head High plus this weekend --bomber's will visit us for T-day again.
11-15-02 Clean and Sunny, pretty small -- looking for some more waves on Sunday into Monday
11-14-02 Surf is back up after a meager Wednesday.
11-06-02 Here comes our weekly Northwest- DOH+ depending on where you go out
10-18-02 Should be a nice Northwest heading our way this weekend, this AM still not much
10-2-02 Surf pretty much sucks in SoCal, that NW swell was a hoax.
9-23-02 We've got a swell that has started to fill in this afternoon, should be fun for the rest of the week with an extra push on Friday!!!!  South Swell also pushed in some cooler waters....Hash!!!!