December 2005 Surf Report Log for top spots in and around La Jolla California
DATE Surf Pics

Surf Report Description

12-31-05 pics HH+ For New years Eve day, look for slightly smaller surf mostly head high+ with some weather.
12-30-05 pics OH+ Friday look for more overhead surf with another slowly fading NW swell.
12-29-05 pics OH+ More large surf at last light, little junky out there though.
12-28-05 pics OH+ Some texture with motion in the ocean today as this NW fills in Wednesday.
12-27-05 pics HH+ Real fun out there this AM with mostly head high+ surf in the water.
12-26-05 pics OH+ Lots of fun surf with some size out there this AM, sun is just starting to sneak through.
12-25-05 pics OH+ For Christmas we'll have another behemoth NW begin to fill in.
12-24-05 pics HH+ On Saturday the surf will still be cranking in the head high+ range with clear skies.
12-23-05 pics OH+ Friday there will still be lots of powerful surf in the water.
12-22-05 pics DOH Thursday look for more powerful surf with lots of motion in the ocean.
12-21-05 pics DOH+ Incoming!  Double overhead, somewhat mixed up surf.
12-20-05 pics HH Slightly smaller this AM with a light texture on it, mostly chest to head high+
12-19-05 pics HH+ Rising tide this AM with some texture to it, mostly head high+.
12-18-05 pics HH+ Clean with head high+ surf in the water today.
12-17-05 pics CH Smaller, mostly waist to chest high, clean with lots of tide this AM.
12-16-05 pics CH+ Good surf for Friday, clean & closer to the weekend.
12-15-05 pics WH- Overcast this AM with small surf, mostly knee to waist high.
12-14-05 pics CH- Smaller this morning with relatively clean, high tide conditions.
12-13-05 pics HH Its still firing this AM, look for a decrease throughout the day.
12-12-05 pics HH Full tide this AM with head high sets with a long wait between sets.
12-11-05 pics HH+ Surf has filled in overnight, look for fun head high+ surf throughout the day.
12-10-05 pics WH Mostly waist high & clean, there is a few inconsistent larger set waves.
12-09-05 pics CH- Little smaller this AM with shifty lines coming through.
12-08-05 pics CH Its fun out there this AM with mostly waist to chest high+ ones rolling through.
12-07-05 pics TH+ Small knee to thigh high waves this morning.
12-06-05 pics TH Small & clean with cool temps this AM.
12-05-05 pics TH The surf is small today, mostly knee high+ with clean conditions.
12-04-05 pics WH Small with clean lines this AM.
12-03-05 pics CH Junky mostly waist to chest high surf this AM.
12-02-05 pics WH Smaller today, but there are some fun clean ones coming through.
12-01-05 pics CH Overcast this AM with light on-shores & mostly waist to chest high surf.

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