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Surf Report Log for top spots in and around La Jolla - updated daily by 9AM
DATE Surf Pics Surf Report Description  
04-30-03 pics WH++ Decreasing NW and increasing SW starting to fill in today


04-29-03 pics WH increasing North west today - could be shadowed
04-28-03 pics KH Surf is almost flat at the Reef's better luck at your favorite small wave beach break
04-27-03 pics WH++ hit the repeat button - not as mixed up today though
04-26-03 pics WH+ Some clean lines this AM sunny
04-25-03 pics WH++ looks like there are some fun one's out there
04-24-03 pics WH++ Not looking to good this AM - there's waves but it's kind mixed up and blahh
04-23-03 pics HH Real fun today - the ocean has cleaned up at select spots and it's on'
04-22-03 pics HH+ Motion in the ocean again - it's really all over the place
04-21-03 pics WH++ Surf should be picking up today along with strong winds
04-20-03 KH+ No SurfINSIDE report this weekend went to Mammoth
04-18-03 pics KH+ waves looked really bad this AM
04-17-03 pics WH+ Nice and clean this AM swell has dropped quite a bit though
04-16-03 pics CH+ Off shore - surf has cleaned up nice Chest High +
04-15-03 pics CH+ Motion in the ocean -its all over the place
04-14-03 pics HH+ Fun waves this AM at Scripps
04-13-03 pics HH+ Fun waves today some south wind on it though
04-12-03 Baja pics CH Some fun waves - surf is on the increase
04-11-03 pics WH waves are in the waist high area, should be on the increase into the weekend
04-10-03 pics  WH+ We have a NW swell that will peak today bringing in some CH + conditions
04-09-03 pics -CH+ The south swell is still hanging around waist to chest high
04-08-03 pics -WH PB the Reefs and Scripps all looked pretty small today
04-07-03 pics CH The reefs are mixed up, but the beaches are good
04-06-03 pics coming Could have some early AM off shores in Baja
04-05-03 pics -WH+ Blown out again - motion in the ocean
04-04-03 pics -CH++ Some what cleaned up this AM pretty fun
04-03-03 pics -WH++ Motion in the ocean still all blown out this AM
04-02-03 pics  -HH+ South swell is here came with some wind n weather though not too good

pics  -WH++

Nice south swell will be filling in today - should be HH by afternoon

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