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April 2004 Surf Report Log for top spots in and around La Jolla California
DATE Surf Pics Surf Report Description  
04-30-04 pics CH Fun clean surf this AM mostly waist to chest, a bit inconsistent.

04-29-04 pics CH The winds have calmed a bit, but so has the surf.
04-28-04 pics HH+ Nice south swell throughout the day, however southerly winds are turning on early
04-27-04 pics HH+ Clean conditions with overhead sets, low tide this AM
04-26-04 pics CH+ Clean inconsistent conditions this AM with fun sets.
04-25-04 pics CH Surf is pretty fun for the AM session, averaging waist high and clean
04-24-04 pics WH+ AM session is glassy with mostly waist high surf.
04-23-04 pics WH+ Mostly waist to chest high with clean glassy conditions.
04-22-04 pics CH+ It's a bit junked up out there with some stiffer southerly winds, but there are some fun ones.
04-21-04 pics WH+ We have southerly winds in the AM and mostly waist high surf.
04-20-04 pics WH More of the same, replay button for Tuesday. Increase for Wednesday.
04-19-04 pics WH Ground swells are fading but we have some onshore wind swell.
04-18-04 pics CH High tide is slowing things down this AM.  Still a bit junked up, mostly waist to chest.
04-17-04 pics CH Surf is looking fun, but kind of junked up. 
04-16-04 pics CH Surf looks fun this AM with mostly chest high clean surf.
04-15-04 pics CH Light winds with glassy conditions inconsistent chest high sets.
04-14-04 pics CH we have an improvement as a Northwest and south swell are filling in.
04-13-04 pics WH Could see things improve by dark today, but don't look for much change.
04-12-04 pics WH Small surf for Monday with mostly knee to waist clean conditions.
04-11-04 pics WH Smaller, clean surf and a low tide in the morning.
04-10-04 pics CH As the tide fills in look for the surf to improve with mostly chest high clean conditions.
04-09-04 pics HH+ We have a fun surf day upon us, mostly head high with clean consistent conditions.
04-08-04 pics WH+ Should see a nice Northwest fill in throughout the day, as for now the surf is meager.
04-07-04 pics KH+ Still small, but a slight improvement due to less texture on the waves.
04-06-04 pics KH Small, chopped up surf.
04-05-04 pics KH+ Small surf for the most part - bigger set waves at south-facing spots
04-04-04 pics KH Small, mushy surf this morning
04-03-04 pics WH+ Still some waves left.  High tide in the AM
04-02-04 pics SH Sky's have cleared and we have clean conditions, but the swells a bit mixed.
04-01-04 pics HH Fun surf conditions for the AM session, mostly chest to head high and clean.
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