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July 2004 Surf Report Log for top spots in and around La Jolla California
DATE Surf Pics Surf Report Description  
07-31-04 pics KH Small with an occasional ride-able set

07-30-04 pics WH Friday is not a huge improvement, but try extreme south breaks
07-29-04 pics KH Not much Thursday surf- a good day for the snorkel.
07-28-04 pics WH Same type of meager inconsistent summer conditions for Wednesday.
07-27-04 pics WH More of the same with mostly knee to waist high surf.
07-26-04 pics WH More summer oriented surf,  but we have some north west wind swell in the water too.
07-25-04 pics WH Repeat of yesterday, distant steep south in the water.
07-24-04 pics WH Mostly knee to waist high this AM with clean conditions
07-23-04 pics WH south swell has faded away, but  we have a touch of northwest wind swell.
07-22-04 pics WH South has dropped, best chance for waves today is at the beaches.
07-21-04 pics CH Still seeing some chest high+ sets at top spots.
07-20-04 pics HH We have fun AM conditions with some head high sets.
07-19-04 pics HH Due to the negative tide and angle of our swell its inconsistent in southern San Diego.
07-18-04 pics WH+ Today things are finally shaping up, looks like swell should be filling in today.
07-17-04 pics WH Hopefully we'll see more waves tomorrow, seeing meager surf conditions today.
07-16-04 pics CH Glassy this AM with mostly waist high surf from our steep south, look for increasing surf.
07-15-04 pics WH Should start to see some improvement later in the day, for now mostly knee to waist.
07-14-04 pics KH Not looking for much change on Wednesday, for now we have knee to waist high conditions
07-13-04 pics KH Things are looking pretty meager today, mostly a knee high day with a few waist highs.
07-12-04 pics WH Slightly smaller than yesterday - knee to waist and weak.
07-11-04 pics WH Slightly smaller conditions with the south dropping off a bit.
07-10-04 pics WH Conditions are very similar to yesterday.
07-09-04 pics WH Hit the replay button for this AM, seeing background knee to waist high south swell.
07-08-04 pics WH This AM the surf is mostly waist high with some better sets.
07-07-04 pics WH Surf this AM is mostly waist high with inconsistent pluses.
07-06-04 pics WH It's slightly better with mostly knee to waist high surf this AM
07-05-04 pics WH Surf is looking slightly better this AM.
07-04-04 pics KH+ Surprise, surprise, there' no surf again.  On a more positive note It's the 4th or JULY!
07-03-04 pics KH No surf improvement, but at least its the weekend!
07-02-04 pics KH The surf is basically still flat.
07-01-04 pics KH The surf is small again today, mostly knee high with some inconsistent better sets.
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