January 2006 Surf Report Log for top spots in and around La Jolla California
DATE Surf Pics

Surf Report Description

01-31-06 pics SH+ Chest to head high waves and mixed up conditions.
01-30-06 pics CH+ Extremely low tide at last light on Sunday with mostly waist to chest high+ surf.
01-29-06 pics CH Similar to yesterday with mixed, mostly waist to chest high's.
01-28-06 pics CH Smaller today, mostly waist to chest with fairly clean but mixed conditions.
01-27-06 pics SH+ Surf has come up overnight, mostly shoulder high+ & kind of mixed.
01-26-06 pics WH Small, but clean this AM with fun waist high sets rolling through.
01-25-06 pics WH+ Clean with mostly waist to chest high+ surf this AM.
01-24-06 pics CH+ Fun clean surf this AM with mostly waist to chest high+ conditions.
01-23-06 pics WH+ Clean this AM with mostly waist high surf, bigger the further South you go.
01-22-06 pics CH- Clean & smaller this AM with mostly waist to chest high's.
01-21-06 pics CH For Saturday we have clean surf this AM mostly in the chest high range.
01-20-06 pics HH+ Walled this AM with some fun corners, sun, fading, cleaning swell.
01-19-06 pics OH+ Junky surf day with overhead waves & mixed up motion in the ocean conditions.
01-18-06 pics CH+ Currently waist to chest high surf with clean conditions, look for an increase later today.
01-17-06 pics CH Cleaner at the beaches this AM with mostly waist to chest high's.
01-16-06 pics HH Still mixed up, but pretty fun looking at the beaches this AM.
01-15-06 pics OH+ Very junky. 
01-14-06 pics CH+ Saturday look for a swell accompanied by a weather front to move into our beaches.
01-13-06 pics CH Fading swell today with mostly waist to chest high+ surf.
01-12-06 pics CH Surf is fading, but with sunny skies & clean conditions, its still fun out there.
01-11-06 pics HH Fun surf this AM with lots of clean head high sets rolling through.
01-10-06 pics CH Back to reality, mostly chest high surf this AM with clean, cool conditions.
01-09-06 pics HH Clean & sunny this AM with mostly chest to head high's coming through.
01-08-06 pics HH+ Still head high out there, but its finally beginning to fade today.
01-07-06 pics OH+ Overhead surf Saturday with light winds through the AM, have fun!
01-06-06 pics OH Rising west swell today with fair conditions, some good ones out there too.
01-05-06 pics HH+ Fun surf this AM with relatively clean conditions, have a good one.
01-04-06 pics OH+ Mixed up surf this AM, but there's still size out there.
01-03-06 pics DOH Tube Tuesday, cleaning up nicely this AM with macking surf.
01/02/06 pics OH++ Scattered rain with increasing surf & Southerly winds throughout Monday.
01/01/06 pics OH+ What better on New Years day than a new swell with rain ending.

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