April 2006 Surf Report Log for top spots in and around La Jolla California
DATE Surf Pics

Surf Report Description

04-30-06 pics WH- Textured mostly knee to waist high surf today.
04-29-06 pics WH- Today the surf is mostly waist high with a few chest high sets.
04-28-06 pics CH Really fun, peaky, clean chest high sets this AM, get in there.
04-27-06 pics WH+ Fun & clean right now, get it early before the winds pick up.
04-26-06 pics TH+ Small & junky with NW wind waves as our Spring storm approaches.
04-25-06 pics TH+ Meager today, mostly knee to maybe thigh high with overcast skies.
04-24-06 pics WH- Clean this AM with mostly thigh to waist high's.
04-23-06 pics WH Smaller today with mostly junky fading waist high rollers.
04-22-06 pics CH This morning the surf is junked, but there is some size.
04-21-06 pics WH+ Fairly clean this AM with waist high sets - should increase.
04-20-06 pics WH- Smaller & clean today with mostly thigh to waist high surf.
04-19-06 pics WH+ Smaller today with waist high corners coming through.
04-18-06 pics CH+ Fun, clean surf this AM with a very low tide - lots of corners out there!
04-17-06 pics WH+ Surf is junked today b/c of strong on-shores,  "motion in the ocean" conditions.
04-16-06 pics TH+ Small surf this AM with mostly knee to thigh high+ waves.
04-15-06 pics WH Junked conditions this AM with overcast skies.
04-14-06 pics CH- Relatively clean out there again with fading chest high sets, look for rain in the pm.
04-13-06 pics HH+ Size out there today, but its mixed up, but still worth a paddle.
04-12-06 pics CH Smaller & clean this AM with waist to chest high's.
04-11-06 pics CH+ Fun real clean surf this AM with South swell sets rolling.
04-10-06 pics CH Leftovers chest high sets with fading NW & inconsistent South.
04-09-06 pics HH There is some size out there this AM.
04-08-06 pics WH+ Mostly waist high but inconsistent with increasing swell & winds.
04-07-06 pics WH+ Clean & fun this AM with mostly waist highs.
04-06-06 pics HH+ Mixed bombs this AM with cleaning, fading surf & plenty of corners.
04-05-06 pics HH Its blown out & about as bad as it gets. - go to work.
04-04-06 pics CH+ Really fun this AM with clean bowly chest high's.
04-03-06 pics CH Fun ones out there this AM, get out there while it lasts.
04-02-06 pics WH+ We have some fun surf today, but really low tide this AM.
04-01-06 pics TH+ Small surf with Southerly winds this AM.

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