July 2006 Surf Report Log for top spots in and around La Jolla California
DATE Surf Pics

Surf Report Description

07-31-06 pics CH Monday we'll see the continuation of larger waves, peaking on Thursday.
07-30-06 pics CH Sunday look for an increase out of the South with some chest high sets.
07-29-06 pics WH On Saturday we should see a small pulse of South with waist highs.
07-28-06 pics WH Clean waist highs topped with humidity.
07-27-06 pics TH+ Clean waist high waves
07-26-06 pics WH Fading background South in the inconsistent waist high range today.
07-25-06 pics WH Another day with waist high+ South & balmy temperatures.
07-24-06 pics WH+ Warm summer surf day again with mostly waist high+ surf.
07-23-06 pics WH Small, waist high waves.
07-22-06 pics WH Warm again with poor conditions & wishful waist high lumps.
07-21-06 pics WH+ Smaller today with mostly textured waist to chest high set waves.
07-20-06 pics CH- Slightly smaller this AM, but we still have some chest high sets.
07-19-06 pics CH The surf today is holding in the chest high zone with clean conditions.
07-18-06 pics CH Fun, clean, & warm with chest high set waves this AM.
07-17-06 pics CH Inconsistent chest highs with calming Southerlies and fading swell.
07-16-06 pics CH Fun & clean this AM with lighter Southerlies & steep South in the water.
07-15-06 pics CH A bit mixed up, but there are some fun chest high sets in the water.
07-14-06 pics WH+ Some better surf today with increasing South swells starting to fill in.
07-13-06 pics WH Still some fun ones inconsistently coming in out of the South.
07-12-06 pics WH- Small but clean this AM with waist high sets coming through.
07-11-06 pics WH Mostly clean more consistent waist highs this AM.
07-10-06 pics WH+ Inconsistent, but there are a few fun ones out there today.
07-09-06 pics CH Sunday we should have some fun chest highs out of the South.
07-08-06 pics WH On Saturday look for a new South to slowly increase.
07-07-06 pics WH- Fun smaller surf this AM with mostly waist highs.
07-06-06 pics CH Fun NW wind swell today with mostly chest highs.
07-05-06 pics WH Clean this AM with a small combination swell.
07-04-06 pics WH Happy fourth of July!  Small, weak, waist high surf.
07-03-06 pics CH- Fun & clean this AM with fading South in the water.
07-02-06 pics CH Strong South winds with chest high surf.
07-01-06 pics WH+ Combo swell in the waist high+ range with increasing surf throughout the day.

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