June 2006 Surf Report Log for top spots in and around La Jolla California
DATE Surf Pics

Surf Report Description

06-30-06 pics WH+ Still small this AM but hopefully we'll see an increase by dark.
06-29-06 pics WH- Smaller surf with some more warm spots in the line up.
06-28-06 pics WH Nice & clean this AM with mostly fading South in the waist high range.
06-27-06 pics CH- More inconsistent sets today from our fading South.
06-26-06 pics WH+ Cool water with textured low tide surf this AM, best bet is at summer spots.
05-25-06 pics WH+ Cleaner this AM with side shore winds & inconsistent sets.
06-24-06 pics WH NW winds with mostly junked leftover South in the water.
06-23-06 pics WH+ It's Friday! Mostly background waist high+ south swell today.
06-22-06 pics CH- Patience is a virtue, kind of fun, inconsistent & clean.
06-21-06 pics CH Fading steep south mixing with fading NW wind swell, its summer today!
06-20-06 pics OH+ Steep south & NW in the water today with head high + sets PM Gallery
06-19-06 pics SH+ Fun combo swell with fairly clean conditions this AM. -- PM Gallery
06-18-06 pics CH+ A little more surf this morning with an occasional head high set.
06-17-06 pics CH- The surf has dropped, but maintains chest high sets at top spots.
06-16-06 pics CH- Nice & sunny this morning with light winds & waist to chest surf.
06-15-06 pics CH Fun this AM with warm water & lots of chest high's coming through.
06-14-06 pics WH Clean this AM with sunny skies, but the surf is pretty small...
06-13-06 pics WH+ Textured waist high sets.
06-12-06 pics CH Inconsistent South in the water producing textured chest high sets.
06-11-06 pics CH Inconsistent South with chest high+ sets & Southerlies.
06-10-06 pics WH+ Inconsistent South filling in with combo waist high's.
06-09-06 pics WH Textured, mostly waist high NW wind swell today.
06-08-06 pics WH+ Fun, but smaller surf this AM, mostly waist high with plus sets.
06-07-06 pics CH+ Fun combination swell in the water, mostly clean with lighter winds.
06-06-06 pics SH+ Southerlies are lighter than yesterday with continued fun combo swell.
06-05-06 pics SH+ Stronger Southerlies this AM putting a little bump on our South swell.
06-04-06 pics SH Head high sets are still coming through, but there is a bump on it today.
06-03-06 pics SH+ Fun, but Inconsistent, typical South swell today.
06-02-06 pics SH+ It's FRIDAY & our steep south is sending in some fun ones at the summer spots.
06-01-06 pics KH+ Surf is real small this AM with "June Gloom" conditions, look for an increase later today.

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