April 2007 sessions, 2007 surf report log with pictures for top breaks in and around La Jolla, California
DATE Surf Pics

Surf Report Description

04-30-07 pics CH- Clean conditions with less consistent waist to chest highs.
04-29-07 pics CH- Similar surf today with overcast skies & chest highs.
04-28-07 pics CH Overcast this AM with clean chest highs.
04-27-07 pics CH+ The surf is fading with a wobble, but there are some fun ones.
04-26-07 pics HH Fun somewhat mixed rising surf with Southerlies.
04-25-07 pics CH+ Fun & clean this AM with mostly chest high+ surf.
04-24-07 pics CH+ Depends where you go, but generally waist to chest high+.
04-23-07 pics WH+ Junked wind blown mostly waist highs.
04-22-07 pics CH- Smaller again today with mostly waist high+ waves.
04-21-07 pics CH- Smaller & weaker, but clean waist high+ surf this AM.
04-20-07 pics CH+ Junkier surf this AM with some fun corners this AM.
04-19-07 pics HH+ Really fun corners this AM with consistent head high+ waves.
04-18-07 pics CH Mostly junked peaky rising surf with on-shore winds.
04-17-07 pics CH Fading with cleaner waist to chest high+ surf.
04-16-07 pics HH- Fading quick, the winds died early so hit the beaches.
04-15-07 pics HH+ All over the place today, stay in bed, junked surf from strong on-shores.
04-14-07 pics HH Fun, peaky surf this AM with consistent chest to head high+ waves.
04-13-07 pics OH+ Mackers out there this AM with cleaning conditions.
04-12-07 pics OH+ Kind of junked this AM with on-shores & overhead surf.
04-11-07 pics OH+ Bigger surf today with macking sets & South winds.
04-10-07 pics OH Bigger slightly mixed up surf today with sunshine.
04-09-07 pics CH+ Mostly junked surf today as our winds have turned on-shore.
04-08-07 pics HH+ Bigger surf today with Southerly winds, some canyon sets out there...
04-07-07 pics CH Fading South with rising NW & some SW winds.
04-06-07 pics CH+ Fading South in the water with inconsistent chest high's.
04-05-07 pics SH+ Low tide this AM with less consistent head high sets.
04-04-07 pics SH+ Fun sets out of the South with clean overcast conditions.
04-03-07 pics CH- Still chest high sets this AM, buts it's fading.
04-02-07 pics CH+ Better mostly chest high surf this AM with overcast skies.
04-01-07 pics WH+ It's coming up, still fairly small, but a nice improvement.

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