February 2007 sessions, 2007 surf report log with pictures for top breaks in and around La Jolla, California
DATE Surf Pics

Surf Report Description

02-28-07 pics HH+ More mixed, blown-out surf with plenty of on-shore winds & drizzle today.
02-27-07 pics SH+ Mixed, textured & generally junky surf today.
02-26-07 pics SH+ Larger surf today, but conditions are mixed from on-shores.
02-25-07 pics WH+ Sunday we'll see lightly textured surf in the waist high+ range.
02-24-07 pics CH- Fading cleaner surf Saturday w/ combo dominate NW wind swell.
02-23-07 pics CH+ The surf is blown out today with wind blown chest highs. *2pm very windy victory at sea*
02-22-07 pics WH+ Textured surf in the waist to chest high range.
02-21-07 pics CH- Smaller, but clean this AM with waist to optimistic chest highs.
02-20-07 pics HH+ Fun surf this AM with fair conditions with nice corners on the sets.
02-19-07 pics OH It is a mess out there with "victory at sea" conditions.
02-18-07 pics HH+ Bigger today, lots of tide with some texture from Southerlies.
02-17-07 pics CH+ Fair chest high+ surf with lots of tide this AM.
02-16-07 pics CH Clean this AM with sun & chest high sets.
02-15-07 pics CH Cleaner today with lots of tide this AM & mostly chest highs.
02-14-07 pics HH Surf is starting to clean up with some off-shores this AM.
02-13-07 pics CH+ It's a blow-out today with sloppy, junky chest highs.
02-12-07 pics HH+ Still plenty of size this AM with fun head high+ sets & Southerlies.
02-11-07 pics HH+ Larger sets today with Southerlies & drizzle.
02-10-07 pics CH Backed off some today with weaker waist to chest highs.
02-09-07 pics CH+ Fun & clean, but smaller than anticipated, mostly waist to chest+
02-08-07 pics CH+ Fun surf this AM with fading chest high+ waves.
02-07-07 pics CH Fun surf this AM with a bump up in size, mostly chest high sets.
02-06-07 pics WH Smaller & clean this AM with mostly waist high surf.
02-05-07 pics CH- Smaller backed off fading surf today in the waist to chest zone.
02-04-07 pics CH+ Clean chest high+ surf today with a crowd.
02-03-07 pics HH+ Fun & clean surf today with lots of great head to overhead set waves.
02-02-07 pics HH+ Fun & clean this AM with lots of tide and OH sets.
02-01-07 pics SH+ Surf has increased, but it is pretty junky out there as well.

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