La Jolla February 2009 sessions, '09 surf report log has pictures for the top breaks in and around La Jolla, California


02-28-09 pics WH+ Weaker yet again this AM with clean, mostly waist high surf.
02-27-09 pics CH Kind of weak this AM with a few fun chest high sets.
02-26-09 pics WH+ Clean this AM with waist high+ peaks rolling through.
02-25-09 pics WH On-shores today with crumbly waist highs.
02-24-09 pics WH+ Similar surf as yesterday with waist & some chest highs.
02-23-09 pics WH+ Inconsistent with leftover waist high+ sets.
02-22-09 pics CH Fading, with fun waist to chest+ surf this AM.
02-21-09 pics CH+ Fun with chest+ surf & a wobble on it this AM.
02-20-09 pics CH+ Fun sets this AM with mostly chest+ surf.
02-19-09 pics CH- Kinda weak this AM with waist to chest highs.
02-18-09 pics SH Fun, peaky chest to head highs this AM with sunshine.
02-17-09 pics OH Cleaner & peaky at select spots with overhead waves.
02-16-09 pics WH+ Strong SE winds with clean surf currently, however size should increase & get messy.
02-15-09 pics CH Peaky waist to chest highs this AM.
02-14-09 pics CH Mushy, waist to chest high wind swell this AM.
02-13-09 pics CH Fun, peaky, & clean, but kind of mushy chest high surf today.
02-12-09 pics CH Textured with dribble on it today as on-shores blow.
02-11-09 pics CH Cleaned up with cold peaky high tide chest highs.
02-10-09 pics OH Definitely still lumpy out there, however it is off-shore with OH waves this AM.
02-09-09 pics CH It's a BLOW OUT.
02-08-09 pics OH Some BOMBERS out there today!
02-07-09 pics CH Southerlies with clean somewhat mushy chest highs.
02-06-09 pics HH+ Not bad this AM with peaky head highs & Southerlies.
02-05-09 pics CH+ We have SURF!  long periods coming through this AM.
02-04-09 pics KH Weak & meager with a touch more size this morning.
02-03-09 pics KH Hit the replay button with Meager glassy knee highs.
02-02-09 pics TH It's a MEAGER & clean day with knee+ surf.
02-01-09 pics TH+ More of the same - thigh high with offshores.
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