La Jolla February 2010 sessions, surf report log has pictures for the top breaks in and around La Jolla, California


02-28-10 pics OH+ Still mixed with lots of tide, run off, and overhead surf this morning.
02-27-10 pics CH Strong Southerlies with rain and a tsunami at noon registered tsunami & tsunami map
02-26-10 pics HH Fun surf this AM with sunshine, lots of tide, and head highs.
02-25-10 pics CH+ Lots of tide with rising swell in the chest high (plus) range.
02-24-10 pics CH Fun this AM with sunshine and chest high waves.
02-23-10 pics CH Much cleaner with sunshine, off-shores, and soft chest high surf this AM.
02-22-10 pics SH+ It's blown out with victory at sea conditions this morning.
02-21-10 pics HH Junky surf with on shores this AM with head high (plus) sets.
02-20-10 pics CH+ Scattered showers with chest (plus) wedges.
02-19-10 pics CH- Mostly waist to chest high surf this AM with overcast skies.
02-18-10 pics CH- Mostly waist to optimistic chest highs today with sunshine.
02-17-10 pics CH+ Fading mostly chest high (plus) surf this morning with sun.
02-16-10 pics OH Still inconsistent overhead set waves coming through with sunshine.
02-15-10 pics HH Still some head high punchy waves out there.
02-14-10 pics OH+ Overhead bombers with slight funk.
02-13-10 pics HH Building swell currently in the head high range with fun conditions.
02-12-10 pics KH+ Knee to waist high mushers.
02-11-10 pics CH Smaller chest high sets this AM, clean conditions and lots of tide.
02-10-10 pics CH+ Clear skies again with mixed chest high surf.
02-09-10 pics CH+ Chest to head high surf this morning with peaky conditions.
02-08-10 pics HH Fun surf today with head high (plus) waves, sunshine, and off-shores.
02-07-10 pics HH+ Hard ONSHORE'S good for junked Victory as Sea conditions.
02-06-10 pics HH+ Sick out there this AM with drained out wind blown barrels.
02-05-10 pics WH Small and clean waist highs with a drained out tide.
02-04-10 pics CH Cleaned drained waist to chest high (plus) surf this AM.
02-03-10 pics CH+ More size today with chest to head highs and rising tide this AM.
02-02-10 pics WH+ Looks like summer this morning with waist to chest highs.
02-01-10 pics HH Shaky start today with mixed head high (plus) surf this AM.
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